LexiAbility retina versionI am very pleased to announce that I have recently decided to expand the services of KC Dyslexia Services and am creating a new business, LexiAbility.

LexiAbility will operate with the continued mission to help those with dyslexia.  I chose the name because it implies the abilities that come with dyslexia—not just the challenges.

I have hired Angie Beck, who is trained as a Barton Reading and Spelling tutor and works directly under my supervision. I looked for the right individual for two years and find Angie to possess all the qualities in an associate who would help me grow LexiAbility.

As a homeschooling mother, Angie has demonstrated passion and dedication to learning differences. As a professional tutor, she is committed to providing high-quality Orton-Gillingham remediation services for dyslexia. As a business manager, she provides valuable support and direction as we work together to provide additional services and outreach to our community. As a friend, she has been my biggest cheerleader as I have spent countless hours developing plans for LexiAbility’s growth.

Over the next few weeks, we will be working on developing this site to provide a valuable resource.  Please stay tuned!

Pam Taylor