To our horror, Google took it upon themselves to list us as “permanently closed.” This is untrue!  We are OPEN and available online.

In fact, we have been busy doing affordable dyslexia assessments with diagnosis, private remediation, consulting, and working with select pilot groups using our online Orton-Gillingham platform and program, LexiaHeroes.

Please let us know if we can help you.  Call us at 816-569-3110 or email us at

Thanks so much!

We are updating our site.

Soon, we will have more information about our:

  • LexiaHeroes Online Program
  • LexiaHeroes Certification
  • Remediation Services for Dyslexia (Locally, Nationally, and Internationally)
  • Dyslexia Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Remediation Services for Writing
  • Remediation Services for Math
  • Accommodations Support
  • Classroom Teacher and Special Education Teacher Training
  • Dyslexia Screening and Assessment Training
  • Consulting Services for Schools
  • PreReading Skills for Young Learners
  • Counseling and Support Groups
  • Neurodiversity: Balance in Solutions
  • Dyslexia Resources: Online, Books, Movies, Research
  • Dyslexia Heroes, a nonprofit to provide resources and services for those with dyslexia
  • Volunteer Opportunities

We’d love to hear from you!
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