These stories never get old: Artist Overcomes Dyslexia: Creates Art to Inspire Everyone. But how the media frames them is so old, it is moldy.

Time and time again, these inspirational stories try to tell us that great things happen despite dyslexia. We would like to suggest that great things happen because of dyslexia.

The brain difference that causes dyslexia is a neurobiological condition that manifests as both strengths and weaknesses.  Dyslexia, as a brain difference, is nothing to overcome! Because of differences in both gross and fine anatomy, those with dyslexia excel in many areas, including: creativity, linking abstract ideas, visual-spatial abilities, intuitive strategizing, physical and mechanical abilities, art and musical abilities, and entrepreneurism. Dyslexia, as a brain difference, is something to appreciate!

Yes, kids with dyslexia struggle, sometimes overwhelmingly, in school. We would like to offer that this is NOT because of dyslexia. Rather, we would suggest that schools intentionally disregard that scientific studies, for decades now, support using multisensory instruction for all kids–not just kids with dyslexia. Yet, our educational systems persist in teaching using lecture-based, text-based, test-based learning – and then pointing the fingers at students.

Don’t despair. There are solutions outside of schools. Abundant research shows that kids with dyslexia positively respond to multisensory Orton–Gillingham-based remediation provided by well-trained specialists.

LexiAbility has a caring, professional staff and community which understands that your child is not struggling because of lacking effort or intelligence.  We understand the science behind dyslexia and provide effective, research-based interventions that can help with your child’s challenges – while allowing your child’s strengths to flourish.

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