Meet Our Team

Pamela Taylor, MS EdPsych
Pamela Taylor, MS EdPsychEducational Therapist; Dyslexia Consultant, Assessment, and Remediation Specialist; Masters Certified Barton Reading and Spelling Tutor; Founder/Director of LexiAbility and The Learning Lab
Pam Taylor is an experienced dyslexia remediation and screening specialist. Taylor has successfully coached hundreds of adults and children in learning for more than 25 years.  She is a certified professional Barton Reading and Spelling® Tutor at the Masters Level – one of only 30 in the world. All LexiAbility dyslexia consultants are trained to her professional, exacting standards.

Taylor is a former Director of the Board of the Kansas/Missouri Branch of the International Dyslexia Association and is founder of the Kansas City Dyslexia Support group.

Pam Taylor truly understands the personal challenges and advantages of dyslexia. Not only is she a recognized expert in the field, but she and her children also have dyslexia.

Angie Beck
Angie BeckDyslexia Remediation Tutor
I am a mom to three teenagers, who are homeschooled. I love working with kids of all ages and find each age and stage has something amazing to offer! Kids are each unique individuals in their own right and deserve to be treated as such.

I feel that dyslexia is incredibly challenging to work with inside a school setting and want to give kids whose brain works in this way a space where they can feel respected, safe, appreciated and yes, even challenged, in ways in which they can succeed. I want to help them see that having a dyslexic brain doesn’t mean that they can’t do something…but instead that they can do so much more, in a way that is distinctly their own.

Some of my favorite things to do are read, knit and travel with my family. I have been described as positive, creative and caring and my biggest challenge is being able to say “no” when asked to do something (although, I am working on that!)

Elaine McMilian
Elaine McMilianDyslexia Remediation Tutor
Dyslexia is a brain difference, not a disability. I love how dyslexics are intelligent, creative, bright and unique.

I owned and taught at my own Kindermusic studio for several years, teaching newborns through age 6 and their parents the joy of music. I also teach voice lessons to people of all ages. And, as the senior member of the team, I have 17 years of grandparenting experience!

Growing up in a dysfunctional home was challenging, but throughout my childhood there were adults who were kind and loving to me, and I believe that I can impact each child by showing them they are unique, valuable, and cared for. My 6th grade teacher changed my life with her tender kindness toward me, and I want to do the same for other children.

I love spending time with my grandchildren and marvel at their talents and beauty. I’m a musician and vocalist, and I love to make music with other musicians. I love an adventure! Going new places, trying something new.

Three adjectives that describe the best in me: kind, cheerful, sensitive.

My biggest challenge is to go with the flow and allow things to take their own natural course. I strive to learn and grow every day, and I admit that I’m more of a control freak than I thought! I’m working on stepping back to observe, then taking time to think before taking action. It’s exciting and fun to let go and see what develops, and to put more trust in others.

Carolyn Pajor
Carolyn PajorDyslexia Remediation Tutor
Dyslexia is a brain difference, not a disability. People with dyslexia can be incredibly creative and intelligent.  The traditional approach to education can be frustrating and ineffective for those with dyslexia. I am excited to work at LexiAbility, which provides an alternative that works!

I have worked with children for most of my life. I started teaching swimming lessons when I was in junior high school and continued until I was 18. I staffed at summer camps as a counselor and lifeguard in high school and college. Once I had my own family, we chose to homeschool. Besides working with my three daughters, I organized extra-curricular classes for our homeschool group for 8 years. At these classes, I taught basketball, volleyball and crafts. Also, I am currently in the 10th year of being the mentor for our homeschool teen group which provides weekly gatherings, dances and a senior graduation.

I really enjoy working with children. I get excited when I see them grasp a new concept or skill. I really care about the students I work with and want them to succeed. My teaching style is laidback but firm, fun with the expectation of progress.

I enjoy sewing, reading, gardening, science fiction, hiking, swimming, jigsaw puzzles and word games. Three adjectives that describe the best in me:  joyful, helpful, caring. My biggest challenge is facing fears and doubts and getting the job done anyway.

Claudia Patrick
Claudia PatrickDyslexia Remediation Tutor
I am so glad to be able to work with children who are dyslexic. I had so much trouble in school with spelling. I am slightly dyslexic and was not diagnosed. I truly wish my school could have given the tools that I am able to equip these children with today.

I genuinely enjoy children. I have worked with children since I was 13. From babysitting and being a nanny, teaching various classes. As a homeschooling mother for almost two decades, I have been able to watch the development of children.

In my free time I enjoy gardening. I get such a kick out of watching things grow and how things, like the kind of water you use, affects them. I also like being outdoors hiking, swimming or just sitting around a camp fire. Reading is another one of my passions, there are just so many good books waiting to be found. My friends would describe me as patient, loyal with a good sense of humor.

Bennett Muraski
Bennett MuraskiOffice Assistant
Bennett, a dyslexic home schooler, helps with office operations. He’s also an excellent fly fisherman.