Susan Barton

Susan Barton

It was wonderful to see and hear Susan Barton speak again about dyslexia at St. Thomas Aquinas on Sunday, May 19, 2013.  Her story never fails to move me. She continues to awe me in her compassionate mission.

If you missed the presentation, you may watch a similar talk at  Look for a video called “Dyslexia: Symptoms and Solutions.”

Barton Reading and Spelling, founded by Susan Barton, is a superior and effective multi-sensory system that works for those with dyslexia of ALL ages.

We recognize that not all parents are able to tutor their own children for many valid reasons. LexiAbility was created to provide dedicated, professional, effective, and well-trained dyslexia specialists who can tutor students of all ages and all degrees of dyslexia. All LexiAbility tutors have been trained in Barton Reading and Spelling and we use it as the core of our remediation.   If you are interested in our professional tutoring services and the scientifically proven effectiveness of Barton Reading and Spelling, please contact us at

Susan is a tireless advocate for those with dyslexia and I will be forever grateful how she has changed my life and those of our students.

– Pam Taylor