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Understanding ‘attention deficit’ in dyslexics could help improve reading

Dyslexia is well known as a condition that impacts on visual language processing, but recently a number of studies have discovered that it is accompanied by deficits in attention and perception.

As part of the study, just published online via the journal Neurocase, researchers monitored how adults with and without dyslexia responded to an ‘interference […]

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How To Press Reset On Dyslexia and Win

According to Yvelette Stines, published author, teacher and blogger, dyslexia is simply a different way of learning. “Many people call it a disability, I call it an ability to learn a different way and accept it. Being dyslexic means you have to be creative, because you learn and process differently with the mind. Some […]

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Dyslexia: What we think of as a learning disability could translate into real-life skills

This article previously linked to an article that contained an unauthorized image of Albert Einstein. The original link has since been removed and so has the content of the original article. The original post with the image of Albert Einstein was republished only for educational purposes and not for any commercial intent and was attributed […]

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Comedian Joel McHale Talks Dyslexia, Bad TV And Filming A Thriller

Comedian Joel McHale is the star of NBC series Community, host of The Soup on the E! network, and appears in the new movie Deliver Us From Evil.

On reading teleprompters with dyslexia

There [are] all these live shows I’m doing with The Soup now, and I’m reading [a] teleprompter the whole time, and people […]

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June 2014 – LexiAbility Update – Dyslexia News and Notes

I’m Not Stupid, Just Dyslexic’ — And How Brain Science Can Help
New research shows it’s possible to pick up some of the signs of dyslexia in the brain even before kids learn to read. And this earlier identification may start to substantially influence how parents, educators and clinicians tackle the disorder. More:

Image: (Zeynep […]

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Look Inside Our New Office

Here’s a peek into our new office space. Later this summer we will paint some walls to add color. In the meantime, our students and their siblings have been creating fantastic artwork.

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Study Finds Dyslexia Not Caused by Vision Issues

A new brain imaging study of dyslexia shows that differences in the visual system do not cause the disorder, but instead are likely a consequence. To restate, dysexia is NOT caused by vision issues. Dyslexia is the result of a brain difference that impacts how people process phonemes, the most basic sounds that form […]

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    June 2014 – LexiAbility Update – More Dyslexia News and Notes

June 2014 – LexiAbility Update – More Dyslexia News and Notes

Teachers Embrace Audiobooks For Students With Dyslexia
Allison Mitchell, a special educator in Denver, Colorado who works with students who have dyslexia and visual impairments, says, “With Learning Ally, I can organize book assignments and track my students’ progress. I love that the audiobooks available for download match exactly the re_quired textbooks in my students’ […]

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Dyslexic Pupils Not Helped by Reading Method

Dyslexic pupils not helped by reading method
(Image and article from The Independent – UK) Up to 400,000 dyslexic children may be hampered in learning to read by the Government’s insistence on the use of synthetic phonics to teach them, says a report to be published. Read the full article.

Pam Taylor, founder of LexiAbility, […]

June 2014 LexiAbility Update – Dyslexia News and Notes


How Robert Redford’s family are changing our thinking on dyslexia
At 10, Dylan Redford, grandson of Robert, could barely read or write. His story features in a revealing and touching documentary about the condition made by his father, James. On the face of it, Dylan Redford has everything going for him – he is a […]