It’s About Connection, not Correction

Writing conventions (spelling, punctuation, capitalization) are meant to establish meaning and clarity. To achieve understanding in writing, scholars and amateurs once engaged in nuanced debates and filled tomes with the context of the historical sound of /j/, the spelling of “their”, and serial comma usage. Now, we post distilled and pointed […]

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Is Reading the Best Assessment for Dyslexia?

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Susan Barton at St. Thomas Aquinas

It was wonderful to see and hear Susan Barton speak again about dyslexia at St. Thomas Aquinas on Sunday, May 19, 2013.  Her story never fails to move me. She continues to awe me in her compassionate mission.

If you missed the presentation, you may watch a similar talk at www.dys-add.com.  Look for a video called “Dyslexia: […]

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