Study Finds Dyslexia Not Caused by Vision Issues

A new brain imaging study of dyslexia shows that differences in the visual system do not cause the disorder, but instead are likely a consequence. To restate, dysexia is NOT caused by vision issues. Dyslexia is the result of a brain difference that impacts how people process phonemes, the most basic sounds that form […]

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Same Reading Approach Does Not Work for All

Some struggles in reading are based in neurobiology and some struggles are based on environmental issues. Sometimes reading struggles are combination of both. Yet, our school systems, as well as those in Britain, keep trying the same approach for everybody — and keep failing.

We have known, for decades, that the best remediation for dyslexia […]

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Is Reading the Best Assessment for Dyslexia?

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Susan Barton at St. Thomas Aquinas

It was wonderful to see and hear Susan Barton speak again about dyslexia at St. Thomas Aquinas on Sunday, May 19, 2013.  Her story never fails to move me. She continues to awe me in her compassionate mission.

If you missed the presentation, you may watch a similar talk at  Look for a video called “Dyslexia: […]

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