The Limitations of Neuropsychological Evaluations

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Insufficient Diagnosis of Dyslexia is Unacceptable

When we treat dyslexia as a “mental disorder” instead of a common brain difference that requires different reading instruction, we become over-reliant on a pathological diagnostic model that insists on “substantial and significant” failure for identification (DSM-5).

Although the National Institutes of Health estimates that one in every five people has dyslexia, and dyslexia is […]

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Face It Manifesto of Decoding Dyslexia KS

I have had several parents ask me about whether or not I am excited about proposed legislation in the state of Kansas regarding dyslexia screening and remediation. The answer is “Yes” and “No.”

Yes, I absolutely support the intent of early screening all children for dyslexia. And, yes, I support proper remediation for all children […]

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