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Artist Overcomes Dyslexia: Creates Art to Inspire Everyone

These stories never get old: Artist Overcomes Dyslexia: Creates Art to Inspire Everyone. But how the media frames them is so old, it is moldy.

Time and time again, these inspirational stories try to tell us that great things happen despite dyslexia. We would like to suggest that great things happen because of dyslexia.

The brain difference that causes dyslexia […]

Successful Entrepreneurs Likely to be Dyslexic

According to a study by Dr. Julie Logan, Professor Emeritus of Entrepreneurship at Cass Business School, successful entrepreneurs are five times more likely to be dyslexic.

Some of those successes with the dyslexic brain difference include Sir Richard Branson, Charles Schwab, Kinko’s founder Paul Orfalea, and now joining them, teen dynamo, Ollie Forsyth.

Most kids with […]

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    June 2014 – LexiAbility Update – Dyslexia News and Notes

June 2014 – LexiAbility Update – Dyslexia News and Notes

I’m Not Stupid, Just Dyslexic’ — And How Brain Science Can Help
New research shows it’s possible to pick up some of the signs of dyslexia in the brain even before kids learn to read. And this earlier identification may start to substantially influence how parents, educators and clinicians tackle the disorder. More:

Image: (Zeynep […]

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Dyslexia, Spectacular Difference?

In a recent study in Britain, forty percent of 300 millionaires studied by psychologists were found to have dyslexia.

The brain difference which manifests as dyslexia is different in both gross and fine anatomy structures in the brain which account for creative ways of thinking which can serve as well. Despite not being able to […]

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