Published and Cleared for Teaching:

01 A ask P pig T tub S sun S his hers/ he, I, a  20190204
02 E edge B bug H hat R ram his hers/ he, I, a 20190204
03_O off D dog L log roll F/and, the  20190204
04_I itch N nut G gum C cup/and, the 20190205
05 U up K kid M mountain J jug/ you20190206
06 V van W water Z zipper Up with Water/ you 20190206
06A Closed Syllables and Twin Consonants Introduction/ to 20190212A
07 QU quickly  Y yak X box X  xylophone/ to 20190212A 

08 AM clam/ she 20190212A
09 AN to 20190214
10 SH to 20190214A



Drafts for Preview Only: